Dr Peter Phillips team ready to defend him against #Strident15

Dr Peter Phillips team ready to defend him against #Strident15
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Social media is rife with commentary on the recent development in the People’s National Party (PNP) 
On Friday May 29 2020 a letter from 15 PNP Members of Parliament written to Leader of the PNP Dr Peter Phillips was released to the media. 
Since then social media has been buzzing with commentary of this new development in the PNP. 

Since then we carried a story that we have learnt that the 15 Members of Parliament not only signed a letter to Dr Peter Phillips but also sign one to the Governor General (GG) of Jamaica indicating that they have lost confidence in Dr Peter Phillips as the leader of the Parliamentary Opposition but are awaiting the outcome of a requested meeting to decide whether or not to send off the letter to the GG. 

Minutes after we published that story our news room was flood with information from comrades supporting Dr Peter Phillips. 
Comrades who are opposed to Peter Bunting and in support of Dr Peter Phillips say that they are not perturbed by the move by the 15 Members of Parliament. 

One supporter who wish not to be named said that they are ready to go to the polls again to do battle for the President of the Party. “If Bunting ready again for a run with himself and Phillips we are ready because we are sure he still can’t beat Phillips on this delegate list” said the angry comrade. 
At least one of Dr Phillips supporters has been making constant posts on social media defending the PNP Leader as to why meetings weren’t  held as scheduled:

See below some of the posts made by PNP Caretaker Venesha Phillips :
“Dis meeting was set after si di date deh and was put off because unuh did have fi Guh Parliament unuh have di new date.  So a month in between each meeting.  Plus the Regional Zoom meetings with the Leader weh mek unuh like Mischief suh di Party a meet unuh too lie.  Wi hav Whats app group weh unuh live pan and COVID19 a kip so my God man unuh stop feed lies to di people it is wrong.  Don’t come for me or send unuh hacks cause me don’t want no seat dat bad and smaddy afi tek dis one head on so By God let it be me!!!! Unuh come I am volunteering to be di sacrificial lamb enuh is enuh kmdt.”

So I see this bull crap being circulated. So I had warned you lot before.  Since these are the reasons below for you all sending letter to the leader and the media let me post the notices that predates yours to show you were only about mischief. Every damn lie will be answered this is bullshit I’m posting them right now

1. There was a meeting set for March 9, 2020 with ALL MPs and Candidates.
2. There was Executive set for May 27 2020 but postponed to June 1 due to Parliament sitting.
3. Regional Zoom meetings held with the Leader as well in between those dates
Dispute this please I’m begging somebody who want to convince Jamaicans of the bullshit agenda
I’m ready to post the screenshots of the notices 
The Secretariat Nuh waan answa unuh but unuh know mi nuh busniz 
Unuh bitta and lie!!! Is unuh one year anniversary when unuh launch unuh Rise Up and tear dung pnp suh is reprisal time but people see through unuH.

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