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Fast-rising singing sensation D’Yani has been enjoying a whirlwind of success lately.

Following the release of his Birthday single, the entertainer’s growing female audience has been clamouring for more songs that cater specifically to them. He has delivered that with the release of the Feelings remix with Jada Kingdom and the steamy single Senorita, featuring Maestro Don. The two tracks have created so much buzz that the singer has been catapulted into the ‘sexy stratosphere’ of music occupied only by Dexta Daps.

In several comments posted under the videos for both singles, listeners have suggested that that D’Yani’s style is similar to that of his fellow crooner. But while flattered, D’Yani says he is only doing what comes natural to him.

“That (being compared to Dexta Daps) is an honour innu because a mi artiste dat. Mi rate him highly, a big artiste dat so to be in the same vein is nothing but a blessing,” he said. “To be compared to him, at this stage of my career, mi give thanks fi dat but in all honesty, competition anuh my style. I think I am a different artiste. We are two different persons who just happen to share a similar love for the ladies. We also happen to be great vocalists and great writers.”

Although many feel D’Yani has found his niche and should stick to music’s sultry side, the entertainer, who rose to prominence in January 2020 with a touching single called Heaven Telegram, says he is keen on exploring his versatility.

“Ultimately, the ‘niche’ is to make music that is relatable and resonates with the heart on all levels. I wouldn’t necessarily say ‘girl songs’ are my focus because at the end of the day, I am going to make music that I enjoy so that will involve everything,” he said. “Catering to the ladies is a part of the job description though. They love me, I love them and so I will always do music that satisfies them. They are my champions, my biggest supporters.”

D’Yani, who has been working with Downsound Records, says he has big plans to keep his current momentum going.

“I will continue to challenge myself artistically and keep on pushing on. We’re going to do what we always been doing and that is stay focused and creating new material. I have so much in store for my fans,” he said.

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