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Dancehall artiste Elephant Man is getting ready to drop two new music videos in anticipation for this summer.

The ‘Energy Gad’ told THE WEEKEND STAR that although Jamaica remains under strict lockdown conditions, the party must go on, even from indoors.

“We just shoot the videos for two songs — Party Banger and Warm Up. Warm Up is on Burchill Records, and Party Banger is on Supa Hype’s label. Two a dem a party/dance type songs. They’re all about getting people hyped and getting them moving. I wrote Party Banger because music a go always need a song like that whether the place lock down or it open. People affi move and fulljoy dem self if a even pan dem verandah, inna dem kitchen, we yaadback and dis a di song. Warm Up now a fi di ladies dem. Every girl now have the time dem can exercise and get fit and a dat we wah do fi di summer,” he said.

Elephant Man said it is important for the music made now to maintain the energy of pre-lockdown singles. “The music is still hype; we writing and producing and singing like nuh lockdown nuh deh. We still a make it look like everyweh open because when it do open, we wah di people dem have the go-to song dem,” he said.

The entertainer, who is celebrating one of his most recent singles, Magical, getting to five million views on YouTube, says 2021 is all about keeping busy.

“Yuh nuh wah fi sleep pan the work nuh time at all because people still need music. The work nuh stop chu the corona. It never stop, and 2021 we a go hard or stay home forever,” he said. “As artistes, we can’t get lazy. A now we fi a put in the work. Dancehall nuh deh a nobody doorstep and the world big so now a di time weh wi fi give the fans material.”

In addition to Party Banger and Warm Up, Elephant Man is also promoting tracks like Italian Badness and She Dweet. The latter, released in February, has amassed more than 500,000 views on YouTube.

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