March 17, 2021

Endtime Records recording artiste EliYah Mashiach firmly believes that it’s time for a change in Jamaican music and the music industry in general.

The Montego Bay-based deejay says the local music scene is like a desert where there’s only darkness and infertility.

“Right now, the music business is at a point where it’s no longer growing. People are not buying our music like they use to because the messages in the music are too dark and evil. The whole thing grieves my spirit. I want to bring back light and gladness in the music. The music industry also needs to be watered and nurtured with love so it can bring forth righteous fruits for the people,” said the artiste.

The soft-spoken entertainer, who is a member of the Qahal Yahweh faith, added, “Now is the time for a change, and Endtime Records is putting out music that will help the people to rediscover their true selves and find their true purpose for being made. None of the artistes on our label is going to sing songs that promote violence and promiscuity, or any other forms of negativity.”

He is currently promoting a single titled Victorious One, which features two of his label mates, Yasha Elishua and Gavriel. The song was released along with a video on March 3.

“We’re getting some great feedback about this single already. The video has gotten over one million hits on my Vevo channel. That’s a very excellent sign, and shows that the people are yearning for spiritually uplifting music. They want to come out of the darkness and go into the light,” he said.

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