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Up-and-coming singjay NeiLA spent almost three years contemplating her next move towards her dream after recording and releasing a few tracks in 2016.

“I was pushed into a state of depression,” she said. “As a female trying to get herself out there, it is not as easy as it is for a male. I’ve had my share of experiences as early as age 17, producers telling me that I have to sleep with them before being able to record or put out my music.”

Now 23, NeiLA has found her voice, which she is using to speak out against the ill-treatment she has faced.

She told THE STAR, “I don’t wish to do anything else. This (music) is my plan A, B and C. I am grateful to have a few persons in the music fraternity who are in my corner, and now I have new management to deal with things.” Despite past experiences, the young singjay believes females should be able to have direct communication without feeling threatened.

“My latest single, Caution, was inspired by all that’s happening in society and my own experiences. Times like these are so serious with everything happening to females, and I’m cautioning males, anybody who wish to do harm,” NeiLA said. “Even for females who are new to the industry; because they have a passion, it is easy to become blindsided by people who already have a foot in the business. Careful who you go around, be aware and believe in you and your values.”

NeiLA recently inked a signing deal with Cahban Rekords, founded by Dwayne Morris, who said that with his label “we try to keep it as business and professional as possible”.

Morris said that while music is a raunchy space, “we have to correct it at the level of society and the socialisation of the youth”.

“It’s not a music industry thing, it’s a Jamaican society thing and I, too, have had experiences as a young keyboard player, where female artistes used to grab my pants’ front. In addressing the problems in the industry, we want people to see that it’s not a music thing, but that it’s an attitude that filters over into our community,” he said.

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