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“It has been an upside-down year,” said reggae-dancehall entertainer Charly Black of 2020. He celebrated his birthday yesterday, but unlike previous years when the occasion was marked with some amount of fanfare, The Gyal You a Party Animal artiste spent the day relaxing in the comfort of his home.

“I don’t make anything bother me, so every birthday, regardless of the situation, is a great one because I am alive. We just have to stay focused and try to be happy even though we have to stay inside,” he said.

Charly Black said that he did not make any major plans for birthday celebrations this year but it was not because of COVID-19.

“You know once me say me a keep a party, promotion would have started from last year, but I recognised from early that new barriers need to be broken so I wouldn’t say I had sure plans to keep a party,” Charly Black told THE STAR.

He is among a host of Jamaican entertainers who have been forced off the road due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is wreaking havoc across the world.

When things free up

Like everyone, he can’t wait for the outbreak to be brought under control and for normal life to resume.

“When we get the go, when things free up, there will be a few dates owed to promoters. I was to travel to Fiji and other places I was supposed to go where I never visited before,” he said.

Another artiste who celebrated a birthday this month is D’Angel.

She told THE STAR, “It was definitely new grounds broken; a different format of celebrating on social media via a live stream, but it was a vibe. People who could not be there even when we could celebrate in person, joined in on the live. It goes to show that you don’t have to go out to be happy but it makes a whole world of difference.”

Other popular reggae-dancehall entertainers who celebrate birthdays this month include Wayne Marshall on April 9, Bunny Wailer on April 10, Capleton on April 13, Chaka Demus on April 16, Sizzla on April 17, Kabaka Pyramid and Big Youth on April 19, Tarrus Riley on April 26, I-Octane and Jesse Royal on April 29, and Barrington Levy on April 30.

Capleton’s manager, Claudette Kemp, said that her artiste anticipated travelling to New York to celebrate his birthday with his children but COVID-19 intervened.

“At this point there are no plans to do anything,” she said.

Sizzla was set to host ‘Crank Up’, a birthday party and bike show, on Sunday, April 19 at Gee Wee Car Park in Kingston. Sizzla will celebrate his 44th birthday. He told THE STAR that his plan is to stay home and have the party later in the year.

“As we all know, life is subjected to changes. The best I do is make the relevant adjustments in my own activities, limiting travel and social contact to take the necessary precautions in combating this ‘5G virus’ for the safety of my family and others around me,” Sizzla said.

Like his 2017 track Happy To See Another Earthstrong expresses, he is upbeat and thankful.

“I’m always grateful for life and once there is life it’s a cause to celebrate naturally, and I can have a great time at home and give praises with those who can afford to be around at the time in good faith,” he said.

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