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Recording artiste Bay-C says that in the current economic climate, all entertainers, whether Rastafarian or not, would ensure that there are no barriers in the way of their career once the world reopens.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that that means conforming to the rules that allow them to travel, including any vaccine. Bay-C’s comment follows that of Fantan Mojah, who on Wednesday said that some entertainers were using their religious and spiritual beliefs as an excuse, when in reality, they require some kind of vaccination to enter certain countries.

“I’m in agreement with Fantan, because it is a standard that we have to take medication for malaria and, I believe, yellow fever, if I’m not mistaken, which we have to take two weeks before we are scheduled to land in the high-risk country,” Bay-C explained. “So the protocols to travel have always existed, and I believe if you are a professional and your business is to travel around the world and perform, then you have to conform to the rules to allow for that travel.”


While sharing the belief that “let those who need it (the vaccine), get it”, Bay-C said that he is more about promoting the ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and building up one’s immune system until the COVID-19 vaccination becomes mandatory.

“Rasta culture is one of endorsing Mother Nature, so I don’t think it contrasts with my beliefs. It’s all about natural ‘livity’, eat up your fruits and vegetables, take in whole heap a vitamin D from the sun. However, just like any other citizen of the world, we have to adapt to the world we are in, like in this case where we have a pandemic the world has never seen like this before,” he said. “Personally, I would take it if I need it, even though I come from a thought process to be as natural as possible. If my grandmother can take it so she is not so susceptible, I encourage it; and it doesn’t contrast with my Rastafarian belief.”

The Holy Temple songwriter-singjay also urged Jamaicans to do more research and be cautious of misleading information.

“I definitely encourage the people to be open-minded but at the same time, do the research. It is easy to get caught up in what the masses are saying, and much easier to make an uninformed decision than an informed decision. I am for the protection of life, and the vaccine is one way, other ways are to wear the mask, social distance and sanitise,” he said.

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