Fatal attraction

PARIS, France – The young widow of Japan’s most notorious “Don Juan” has been arrested, suspected of poisoning her fabulously wealthy 77-year-old husband.

Tycoon Kosuke Nozaki, who boasted of spending US$27.5 million chasing beautiful women, died in 2018 only months after marrying 22-year-old model Saki Sudo.

In his autobiography, Don Juan of Kishu, which had chapters on how to seduce cabin crew and university students, the millionaire said he had no interest in cars or houses.

“Instead, I have a boundless desire to have sex with beautiful women,” he wrote.

Nozaki literally fell for Sudo when he spotted her at Tokyo’s Haneda airport, tripping on purpose to attract her attention.

Now age 25, she was arrested last week to answer charges that she made her husband consume poison.

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