Feel Good Friday: 6 Uplifting Stories to Head Into the Weekend With

Hi, how are you? 

We hope this finds you well. But if you are feeling a little down—which is totally valid and OK!—we’re hoping this week’s offerings in our weekly Feel Good Friday will bring a smile to you face, with one of the stories being all about the power of a friendly face in times of distress or anxiety.

As the public continues to practice social distancing, people are coming together in surprising ways to show their love and appreciation for one another. One husband in Texas made sure his wife knew she wasn’t alone in the hospital even though he couldn’t be in her room with her, while one friendly toddler isn’t ready to stop having small talk just yet on his daily walks. 

Plus, one Hollywood mogul decided to surprise at-risk grocery shoppers in the South by covering tabs at multiple supermarkets and another celebrity highlighted how big a small gesture can be with the help of her mailman.

Should you need a little pick-me-up, here are six uplifting stories to head into the weekend with…

Kelly Harrell Connor

Little Boy Waving, Feel Good Friday


Robertino, Instagram


Tyler Perry, Receipts
Matthew McConaughey, Bingo

Spectrum Retirement Communities

Sophia Bush, Instagram

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