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Foota Hype’s Instagram birthday tribute post to Bounty Killer has persons questioning the popular selector’s motives.

The post, which began with Foota Hype giving thanks for the ‘Five Star General’, ended with the selector calling out the deejay for being a ‘curse’ to his own greatness because of his “f**ked up ego”. Social media users believe that Foota Hype could have shared his feelings with the deejay in a personal message, but he says he has no regrets.

“If unu read weh mi say clearly there is no disrespect. As a matter of fact, I think that was the best birthday gift that Killer coulda get because the truth is always best and it’s a good reminder on your solar return of the things that made you great,” Foota Hype said. “And one a di things that made Killer great is exclusive, real love from real key members and real columns inna him career.”

Insisting that Bounty Killer’s ego has caused a lot of falling out between himself and foundation members of his circle, Foota Hype said the ‘poor people’s Governor’ has many fences to mend.

Fix what needs to fix

“Everybody is paying attention to the last part of what I said but no one is paying attention to the first part where I wished him a Happy Birthday and appreciated his presence, his greatness. I did that first because he has helped to propel my career,” he shared. “But at the same time, I want him to fix what needs to fix. How is that a disrespect and something for everyone to be talking about?”

Foota Hype added that Bounty Killer’s relationships are not the only things to suffer as a result of his ego; he said that the music from the ‘Warlord’ has also suffered. He pointed to a 2006 production they worked on as one of the last hits the artiste has had.

“If yuh look at the stats dem now there is a big gap wid hit songs wid Killer because the real people dem weh help keep the brand Bounty Killer has drifted because him and him ego has caused them to drift,” he said. Foota Hype said that while Bounty Killer may not like his comments, he believes that the veteran will think about the situation and realise that “Jah know Foota did right”. The selector added that he is not opposed to mending the relationship with Bounty Killer.

“Anything is possible because Killer is a great inspiration and a great influence to my greatness. Killer help make Foota Hype great,” he said.

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