Fortune Feimster Brings Milkshake to the The Funny Dance Show

Fortune Feimster can teach you, but she’ll have to charge!

The comedian is set to compete on tomorrow’s brand new episode of The Funny Dance Show, and in this sneak peek clip, she reveals that she’ll be getting down to none other than Kelis‘ iconic song “Milkshake” during the solo round. Apparently, the song choice was an easy one for Feimster.

“My inspiration was that I love milkshakes. And I love ice cream. And I love bringing boys to the yard,” she explains at rehearsal.

As Feimster practices her moves with the help of numerous male backup dancers—which requires her to “touch a lot of dudes,” something she says she hasn’t done a lot in her life—she realizes her sex appeal needs some work.

“You gotta be sexy when you dance! That’s part of it,” Feimster says in the clip before joking, “I’m gonna really have to work on my sex…just sex in general, I need to work on.”

Feimster’s team captain Heidi Heaslet eventually pays her a visit, and she’s elated to hear the comedian’s planned approach to the dance. 

“Sexy is sort of my thing!” Heaslet tells Feimster.

Heaslet also tries to reassure her team member that she’s not only already sexy, but that the concept is more “like a feeling.” Her attempt to demonstrate this by confidently dancing on the prop couch that will be used during the performance is admittedly less inspiring when Feimster says, “We’re gonna have to wash this couch.”

In addition to hitting the stage solo, Feimster will compete alongside Willie Hunter. They’ll be up against Fahim Anwar and Becky Robinson.

See who will emerge victorious and win $10,000 for their designated charity on tomorrow’s The Funny Dance Show!

Watch a brand new episode of The Funny Dance Show Wednesday at 11 p.m., only on E!

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