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Dancehall artiste Gage admits that although being hardcore, he has never been a one-dimensional artiste. He told THE STAR that whenever the music space calls for it, he is perfectly capable of switching gears from the raw and risque to the motivational and inspiring.

The entertainer, who has been enjoying huge success through his latest single Word of Prayer, said that in times like these, when people need to remain optimistic, it is his responsibility to use music as a ray of hope.

“What inspired me for this single was the riddim. After hearing the beat, me and it became best friends. The vibe was strong, the energy was right. It’s not a ‘ragga ragga’ beat; it was a nice calm beat, and so mi just did affi reach deep and do it the right thing wid di riddim,” he said. Gage reasoned in the music business, it’s all about supply and demand.

“The market is demanding good songs right now and so we as artistes can’t get up every day a buss shot, do the buggy yagga and a chop dung di place. When the people demand songs like these, you supply dem wid it especially in a time like now when as me say people a look fi anything motivational to keep them going,” he said.

Word Of Prayer was released three weeks ago and is racing towards the 250,000 views mark on YouTube. Last week the song was on the platform’s top 15 list of trending songs.

People from all over the world have been commenting on its impact, with users from St Vincent, in particular, pointing out that the track has been lifting them up as they deal with the La Soufriere volcano eruptions and recent flooding. Gage told THE STAR that he is happy the song has given them something to hold on to.

“I am glad I could use my talent to do something for the people there, even from in spirit. I really take pride in that. I just wanna tell the people in St Vincent to stay strong. It’s just one of those times, and as the song say, it just take a word a prayer to get your meds higher,” he shared.

The artiste says that even though the music circuit can be unpredictable, he believes the song can do well both locally and internationally, and will be doing more songs of this nature.

“It’s good to see the organic growth of my career and the track because none a dem views deh nuh buy. That just goes to show that no matter what, songs like these are always going to be relevant,” he said.

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