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In 2020, sound system selector DJ Supa Chiney had a medical emergency, which doctors diagnosed as a stroke. However, as the months rolled by, his condition worsened.

Another round of tests carried out this year revealed that his health issues were caused by diabetes and multiple sclerosis – also known as encephalomyelitis disseminate – a brain and spinal cord disease. A GoFundMe campaign has now been launched by his friend Adrian ‘DJ Snypa’ Bryan to assist with medical expenses.

“He was being treated for a stroke but he wasn’t getting any better. His ability to walk, his speech and his vision were getting worse, so he went to see a neurologist, who figured out what was the real problem. So, in the next couple of weeks, he will be undergoing surgery to save one eye, because the other eye is too badly affected, nothing can be done for it. It is important that we move quickly to get immediate help for the one good eye,” Florida-based Bryan told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The campaign’s target is US$25,000 (approximately J$3.75 million). Created less than a week ago, it has reached over US$5,000 and Bryan has expressed gratitude to those who have contributed, acknowledging that these are trying times for everyone.

“The community in Miami was shocked to hear about Supa Chiney’s illness. Dem shaken up. He was always not a talker, and we are not rich, so we just had to put pride aside and go to the community for help, and they have been very generous. So, too, have selectors and promoters in Jamaica,” Bryan shared

He explained that he and Supa Chiney were among the elite DJs who provided entertainment for party-goers in Miami. However, in 2018 Supa Chiney, who is from Mandeville, returned to Jamaica. But the two have remained close friends. “A mi bredren, a mi brother and mi love him and want to mek sure that him have a fighting chance,” he said.

Bryan said he has been keeping his friend up-to-date on the progress of the GoFundMe campaign.

“I talked to him today (Thursday) and I could hear the relief in him voice when I told him that it passed US$5,000. He is a positive person and him trying to keep him spirits up, but 2020 was a rough year for him,” Bryan added.

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