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Recording artiste and member of California-based reggae group Tribal Seeds, Gonzo, has teamed up with Al Mighty of the band EarthKry to release a soulful reggae tune titled Do You Feel Me?

Produced by Roots Musician Records, the track was officially released in September 2021.

“This song came from being on the road and being away from home so much, missing our families, kids, wives; just having to deal with the struggle of them missing us while we are gone. I made my verse vague so it speaks to more people,” Gonzo explained. The pair first met at a festival in Lisbon, Portugal, where both bands performed.

“When I was thinking of a different feature, I thought of Al because of his voice, and because his band EarthKry was special. Jamaica has been very dancehall-influenced in the last decade, so to me it was refreshing to see a reggae band coming from Jamaica,” Gonzo highlighted. Al Mighty was also grateful for the collaboration.

“Our friends brought us to a Tribal Seeds show and that was the first time I saw Gonzo shredding guitar. I remember going backstage after their performance and complimenting his solo, but he was a bit hard on himself. I felt what he felt because I’m the same way on stage; passionate perfectionists. After that encounter, I thought to myself that these are my kind of people, so I was very excited when I was contacted for this collaboration,” Al Mighty said.

Gonzo is a producer and Billboard artiste who stands out as a soloist and as lead guitarist and backup vocalist for Tribal Seeds. The artiste has kept the balance between the band and his own solo endeavours, having released two full-length albums so far, Rocksteady and Red.

A product of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, EarthKry is a roots rock reggae band in which Al Mighty is the lead guitarist and vocalist. The self- contained band has recorded a successful debut EP titled Hard Road, and an acclaimed, worldwide charting debut album titled SURVIVAL.

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