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Fathers from the entertainment industry believe that more men need to be applauded for embracing their roles.

Dancehall artiste Fully Bad, who dedicated a song to his daughter from his first studio album that was released last year, told THE STAR that when Father’s Day rolls around, there is usually no buzz.

“I think we deserve more respect, more attention, more love because it’s kinda unbalanced. When it comes to Mother’s Day, everybody gets excited. Mother’s Day goes viral but when it comes to Father’s Day, is like nobody cares. But a whole heap a good fathers out here, so we deserve the respect. We nah demand it, we deserve it,” he said.

Fully Bad explained that part of the reason for the lukewarm Father’s Day celebrations is the relationship between mothers and fathers. He said that children are often used as a weapon against men. He said there are many fathers who seem like ‘deadbeats’ to the general public, but who are actually doing everything to be in their children’s lives.

“We all know jealousy is a heavy load and most of the females love to carry it. Mi want di mothers dem fi know dis, drop the attitude. Stop it. Let the father be a part of their kids’ lives, especially if they are trying,” he said. His colleague Pink Boss, a father of two, said he is aware of situations similar to that described by Fully Bad.


“Mi know a nuff man out deh a face the same problem. And den it seem like we a bad father and our day just don’t have the same excitement,” he said. Pink Boss said that fathers who are doing everything to live up to their responsibilities need to be shown more love and respect.

“I think the fathers deserve it, especially the ones that are doing their best in every aspect. Not every father is a bad father, so I think the day for fathers should be filled with more joy,” he said.

Popular selector Richie Feelings had a word of advice for mothers who prevent fathers from being present in their children’s lives.

“They don’t celebrate Father’s Day like how they celebrate Mother’s Day innu because there is the big stigma that is out there that Jamaican father nuh diss and dat. Most of these men running from responsibility, but nuff stay far because of the mother,” he said. “So the advice I have, I want to share it with mothers too. Don’t let because of your dirty mentality and yuh ego yuh make the father don’t wah come around the child. Don’t mash up yuh child’s happiness and make the child hate his father for something that the father done to you. Don’t deprive the child of his father.”

He continued, “And fathers, don’t make because you and di mother have a falling out yuh turn yuh mind from the child. Yuh affi deal wid di child. Unu affi just try to do something weh unu work together. Pull together for the child. The child is there and is a replica of you and the mother, so do the right thing for the child. Di yute dem need dem father.”

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