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Prince Saj, a Christian who is competing in the Magnum Top Performa competition – a dancehall clash contest – considers himself not only the fan favourite but a real title contender for the crown.

The gospel artiste is one of the three semi-finalists who have so far been selected. The fourth semi-finalist will be announced next Wednesday.

“I see Magnum’s competition as a way of spreading the good news, the gospel of Christ to the younger generation of persons growing up right now, and that is what I am doing right now,” said Prince Saj.

The St Thomas, who plans to give back to his church and invest in his music if he wins the competition, booked his place in the semis after winning round three of the lyrical face-off competition last week. He joins Tatik, winner of round one, and King Calie, the round-two winner, in the semis.

Prince Saj confessed that he didn’t think he would have attracted so many supporters. He has no intention to let them down.

“I’m going out there because God gave me a gift and an outlet with this musical talent that I have to showcase it to the world so that I can help to draw people to Christ and to win souls for His kingdom. So far, the support has been really good,” Prince Saj said.

Meanwhile, the final contestant will announced next Wednesday. The voting public will choose from a pool comprising contestants Jase, Kriz Kapital, Brawlin and Romeii, who will go head-to-head in a lyrical war.

Top Performa is a lyrical face-off style competition, which aims to give 16 emerging artistes a platform to showcase their musical talents and flair.

Tatik is confident he will win the competition and walk away with the cash prize of $1 million and a music video and song produced by Romeich.

“Now that the competition is boiling down I’m very confident… nothing to worry about and I know I will be the winner of this competition. The competition has been good so far; I’ve gained followers and some new producers link… The support has been good, there are a lot of new people in my inbox saying artiste yuh bad me a rep fi yuh… People out there actually repping for me right now which is really great,” he said.

But King Calie is equally upbeat about his chances. He said that he has been getting a lot more attention since being in the competition.

” [I am] so far in the competition [and] I should be nervous, but I spent the last two years preparing for this moment so the nerves are not really there right now. The competition has been good so far, it has facilitated tremendous growth and it has also opened a lot of eyes to who King Calie is and brought a lot of traction my way, which I’m grateful for. The support has been great as well from my community. In the last round of voting they came out strong and allowed me to win that round. Hopefully, going forward they will be there with me as well, but I have no doubts they’ll be there because a lot more people now know that I’m doing music on a community level, so they are supporting me fully,” he shared.

The competition’s second-place winner will receive $300,000 and a feature on a compilation rhythm from Romeich, while the semi-final runners-up will receive $100,000 each.

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