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The island’s secular music industry has been adjusting well to life in quarantine with Instagram live concerts keeping people entertained in a world practically halted by the coronavirus.

Now, the gospel fraternity is also seeking to get their foot in through the virtual gates of entertainment, as singer Kevin Downswell gears up to host his Instagram live concert tonight.

In an interview with Gospel Spo tlight, the You Make Me Stronger singer expressed that these are unprecedented times and he wants to play his part in helping to keep people inspired and encouraged.

“Last Friday, I was a part of a relay worship session that involved myself and 11 other artistes globally from Africa, Canada, the US, Dominican Republic, and Guyana, and it was such a blessing. After it was over, I felt a strong desire to keep something going, because I realised that people seriously need inspiration and motivation in this rough season,” he said.


He added, “We all have a common enemy, even though we all are impacted differently. But we serve a God that’s faithful to his promise, and he promised to keep us till the storm is past. We will get through this together.”

The event is set to get under way at 6 p.m. and can be accessed via the artiste’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

“What we have planned is a programme that involves questions being asked by the host and the audience. There may be people out there who always wanted to ask us a particular question, this may be the opportunity, and then the performance,” he said. “The fans are excited, I am excited. It’s going to be an amazing experience.”

He said the concert would be the beginning of a weekly series. Already, there are plans to invite guests to minister to the online gathering.

Well aware that more persons are reaching out to God now, the entertainer says he hopes that when normality is restored, people will not stop seeking God’s face.

“I believe people should always be praying to God fervently, in good times or in bad times. We should never wait for a crisis to hit before we become penitent. My hope is that when this is over, those who have humbled themselves and are seeking God’s face will still continue to do so,” he said.

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