Halleloo! Shangela Sounds Off on We’re Here and More

E! News: Well, I’m gonna dive right in. I loved the show, and I’m really, really excited to get to talk to you about it because I thought the show was really, really special. So my first question, I have is could you just explain how the show came together, how it was pitched to you? What about the pitch drew you in? 

Shangela: Sure. I got a call from Steve Warren and Johnny Ingram, the creators of the show, and they said, “Listen, Shangela, we have this great idea we’d love you to be a part of. It’s about three drag entertainers, you and two of your sisters, Bob and Eureka, traveling across America, specifically to small towns, and partnering with people to help them realize the best versions of themselves through this transformative power of drag. And not only that, but you’re also going to be producing a one night only drag show in places that have never had that before.’ And you know what? With that description, honey, I was already in, and I’ll say that because, you know, I’m from a small town…I grew up in Paris, Texas, and I know what it’s like to look around sometimes and feel like you’re the only person like you, there isn’t a local LGBTQ community center, and you don’t really see a lot of positive images of queer people around. In addition to that, we never had a drag show in my town and I would have loved if there had been a drag show in my town. So, that being said, I wanted to be part of this.

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