Haunted by sight of murdered mom

Christina Beckett is haunted by the sight of her mother’s body lying face down at the spot in Soho, St Thomas, where she was killed in cold blood by an estranged boyfriend on Good Friday.

“Closing my eyes, trying to sleep, the only thing I can see is my mother. She was facing down and I was the one who was trying to take her up and I see how she drop back to the side. Dem time deh mi realise seh she really dead,” Beckett told the Jamaica Observer last Saturday.

“It was very heartbreaking. I can just imagine how she was trying to fight her way out. She was a fighter. I heard that the guy attacked her from behind. It is very sad,” Beckett said.

The guy was Roger Johnson who, after stabbing 47-year-old Lorraine Hutchinson repeatedly, was found hanging from a tree. Police and residents believe he took his own life.

Angered by the callous murder of the mother of four, residents set Johnson’s house ablaze.

Hutchinson’s relatives told the Observer that she was on her way to deliver breakfast to Tony, the father of her five-year-old son, when Johnson, who was hiding in heavy foliage, attacked her about 9:30 am.

Hutchinson lived on Middleton Road, less than five minutes drive from her farm in Penwood which Tony was helping her to develop.

Johnson also lived on Middleton Road.

Tony told the Observer that he watched helplessly as Johnson attacked Hutchinson from behind.

“I was in the bush here weeding and Lorraine shout me and was coming towards me. Just before Lorraine come beside me with the breakfast, this guy come from nowhere, hug up Lorraine and give her a stab. After him stab her, Lorraine said, ‘Please, just save me for my kids’ and him stab her some more. Him hug up Lorraine so tight, stabbing her and the blood start to spill out. She came right down here and she collapsed and turned over on her face. I was shouting, ‘Help! Help! Murder! Murder!’ ” he related.

Residents said that Johnson, after committing the murder, walked casually through the district, pleasantly greeting people and stopped at a shop where he bought three cigarettes then went and hanged himself.

Hutchinson’s sister, Janet Lewis, is convinced that jealousy was the motive for the killing.

“It was because of jealousy. Roger jealous over Lorraine. If you pass and say hi, him just jealous. Him and Lorraine never have no argument. Dem talk same way, but Thursday him beg her likkle dinner and she seh she nuh have no dinner fi gi him,” Lewis told the Observer.

“Roger did have it inna him intention because him have a neighbour weh him ask fi a fork, and tell di neighbour seh him a go do a crime, so him fi lend him di fork. Friday morning early, him go back but di neighbour did lend out the fork already. To me, him did a go dig a hole, kill Lorraine, and throw her dung inna di hole,” she said.

According to Lewis, the murder surprised her as Johnson was a quiet man.

“Nobody did a look fi this from Roger. When him a talk, a only inna him throat, like him hardly can talk,” she said.

Beckett agreed. “Everybody know seh him quiet. Mi never know him woulda do such things to mi mother. He wasn’t somebody I really spoke to like that, but him calm and mind him own business. Something must wrong wid him fi him do something like that,” a very emotional Beckett said before advising women to be very vigilant in their relationships.

“You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Be safe from men. Be careful of them. They look calm and nice but you don’t know what dem a think inside and what inna dem mind. Some of them have some wicked heart.

“She had four children. I am just taking it one day at a time. I wasn’t expecting anything like that. I knew one day she would die but not in the way she died. I am just trying my best to be strong for my smaller brother,” Beckett said.

Lewis said the last time she saw her sister alive was Thursday.

“Me and har sidung and she a comb har hair. Friday we get the news seh Roger stab har and kill har. She used to do domestic work and when she stop that, she come back and do har farming. Everyday she would get up and say she a go Penwood fi plant fi har likkle boy, LJ, get food fi eat. All she talk bout is LJ. She wanted to live to see LJ past the worst… When my sister hear music, she will pudung two dance. Lorraine was very friendly and everybody love Lorraine,” the distraught sister said.

Hutchinson’s eldest son, Andre Anderson, was barely audible as he vowed to support his five-year-old brother.

“Mi deh yah fi mi likkle bredda same way. The thing is, him nuh really have the understanding although he saw his mother dead. Him see her and start cry and all that. Him nuh get the full understanding though. Is a tragic feeling but mi haffi just man up to this,” he said.

“Words can’t explain. Our relationship was good. More time we have we differences but we work out that. Nuff time mi mouth har and tell har how she look good and she blush. She always want the best fi har four pickney dem. She love her family so till all people a seh she love har family too much,” the son said.

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