How Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin’s Marriage Grew Through Faith

In February 2020, Mike decided to get baptized on his own. “After four years of fighting my shame, my demons, my secrets, and my lies, I was fully ready to recommit my life to Chris,” Mike wrote in The Good Fight. “To admit that I need him in my life, that I love him, and that finally for the first time in over ten years, I KNOW that he loves me without any exception, and that I deserve his love.” Today, the couple also continues to use faith as a tool to stay connected and keep their marriage strong.  

Mike: After going through everything Jana and I have gone through and really recommitting myself to God and a higher power, the baptism was purely for me. I didn’t want any news around it. I didn’t want any attention around it. I need this for me. I need to take this action to be held responsible and accountable to my church and to my community and to myself and to my family. Hey, this is me just stepping up and stepping into God in a way that I haven’t for over a decade.

Jana: We like going to our church together. Going to church grounds us and centers us. One of the days, we were kind of annoyed at each other and the second we sat in church and held hands, we realized it’s so much bigger than us and we were able to reconnect. We’re still getting comfortable with praying out loud. When you bring it into the bedroom and pray for someone to hold us up and walk those steps is a powerful connection between the two of us.

Mike: The last couple of years, I really found faith again and now I have it as an important part of my life. Me being baptized a year ago was really my symbol for accepting a higher power again and that I’m not alone.

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