‘I am not going to be a martyr for any conspiracy theory’ – Skatta says yes to COVID-19 vaccine | Entertainment

Entertainment executive and dancehall producer, Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell, has again cautioned persons about the dangers of COVID-19.

Skatta, who is among the more than 58,267 persons in Jamaica who have contracted COVID-19 and recovered, said that people should be careful with the utterances about the virus.

“The people who trying to create an uprising and mayhem, they are not doing anything good for this country, because there is a lot of stuff that they are to create mayhem about, such as the crime and violence, but they are not,” he pointed out.

Skatta said that he will be taking the jab, noting that we will have to travel to countries that require non-nationals to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to be allowed entry.

“I am not going to be a martyr for no belief or conspiracy theory. If America is closed to unvaccinated persons I have to get vaccinated because I have a family to provide for,” he said.

“I intend to get vaccinated,” said Skatta, while making it clear that the decision to take the vaccine should be seen as a personal one.

“I was very adamant against the vaccine itself. My son was born two years ago and I didn’t get him vaccinated. I an not pro-vaccine. I have heard rumours of autism and so forth, I don’t know, so I said I will wait until he is older for him to get his shots — just as a precaution — so I am not a fan of vaccine. I have not been vaccinated yet, but I have done enough research to know that even if you have the vaccine and you catch COVID, it takes you away from the critical moments,” Skatta said.

Medical experts have said that while the COVID-19 vaccine does not prevent persons from catching the virus, it reduces the possibility of serious illness which could result in hospitalisation and death.

Skatta was speaking during a JN Circle Thrive Together Life Class, a special series developed by The Jamaica National Group as part of its COVID-10 Vaccination Campaign: Immunise Saves Lives.

The campaign is in support of the national COVID-19 vaccination programme and will arm people with information so they can make the best decision to protect themselves and their families, and place the country back on track to achieving its development goals.

As of Monday, November 1, Jamaica had recorded 89,170 cases of COVID-19. There have been 2,246 deaths attributed to COVID-19 with another 342 deaths under investigation.

Skatta said that he has been tagged as “an agent of the system” because he has dared to share his experience and issued a warning for persons to take the virus seriously.

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