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United States-based dancehall rapper Jodi Couture says that she has zero interest in adopting a musical title.

This, after popular social media blogs last week highlighted a growing feud between herself and dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper over who should bear the popular ‘Gaza First Lady’ moniker.

Couture, who is also a prodigy of incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel, told THE STAR that while some artistes feel the need to validate their careers with a title, she knows her worth and will not allow herself to be limited by self-proclamations.

“The stupidest thing in the world to me is to argue over a title. What is a title and why is it so important to some people?” she questioned. “It’s 2020 … a title is far outdated, may your work speak for you. Hard work beats everything. At the end of the day, people nah go talk about the title that you had, they’re gonna talk about your work ethic, what you accomplished, what trends you set.”

Couture said that Kartel played a major role in her career.

“Me grateful for him forever, me love him bad. He titled me the Gaza Queen, that’s what he called me and I don’t even refer to myself as that. Me stay inna me lane but weh dem upset over deeper than a title,” she said. “Everybody get dem time fi shine. Me take me time and reach weh me reach. Me go Billboard and everything. Steelie from Steelie and Cleevie, that’s my uncle, and dem man deh invent dancehall music so me born inna royalty, I’m royal. I don’t gotta run down a title.”

When THE STAR contacted Lisa Hyper on the issue, she declined to comment.

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