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Dancehall artiste Ijahmar is a big believer in the power of optimism, especially during the pandemic which has brought so much suffering and depression globally.

That is why his latest release, Thousand Reasons, has struck the right chord with listeners.

“When life gives you 100 reasons to cry, show it 1,000 reasons to smile. That’s what my song represents: inspiration, hope and perspective. Even when things are at their worst, remember that it is always darkest just before the dawn,” said Ijahmar.

Released on the One Hundred Degrees label last month, he said the response to the song has been great.

“People say my song shows them that there is nothing to worry about, once there is life, there is hope. When life comes at you hard, don’t hit back, just smile back. Don’t get unsettled, no matter the circumstances. Push through, put a smile on your face, press ahead with your hopes and dreams. Just live and smile,” he said.

There are few reasons to smile for members of the local entertainment industry, which is one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19. The sector was also among the first to be shut down, and with COVID-19 cases spiking once again, a reopening may be further delayed.

“I want the sector to open up again, I want to do live shows again but it’s just not possible now. We still have to give thanks that the situation is not worse; the authorities are doing all they can to protect the weakest among us. I am just asking all Jamaicans to adhere to the protocols and obey the rules, because we can get through this as a nation if we do things together and believe that we will get over it. Wear yu mask,” Ijahmar said.

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