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Earlier this week when dancehall artiste Sikka Rhymes sounded a warning with a diss track aimed at him, Intence expressed zero interest in a lyrical face-off.

Instead, Intence’s manager said the Go Hard deejay was focused on putting in the work necessary to build his career and make him a force to be reckoned with in dancehall. Today, it seems the entertainer’s hard work is indeed paying off, as he currently occupies three of the top 10 spots on the local YouTube trending list.

The artiste currently sits in the number four, six and seven spots, respectively, for his songs Tears Dem Dry, Dawg Dem and Right or Wrong.

All the tracks were released over the last two weeks and together have amassed close to 1.5 million views on the streaming platform.

In an interview with THE STAR, Intence revealed that the more opposition he gets, the more work he is motivated to put in.

“It’s a great feeling having three songs in the top 10 because a long time we wah do dis and me put in the work. Nuh care weh some man wah say innu, a our time now, so as we drop something di people dem support it because dem wah fi hear weh we a come wid next,” he said. “Di image and the style and the lingua keep dem interested. We nah do the same thing weh everybody a do. We a nuh regular boy.”

Buying views

The artiste also dispelled news circulating on social media that he and his team have been buying views.

It is rumoured that is the real reason for the artiste’s dominance of the trending list rather than the work he has been putting in.

“We never buy views nuh time. Dat never come to we mind yet. We fan base just a grow now. We have songs weh have millions of views. How dem never say we buy views then? Why now?” he questioned. “Dem not even a say we a buy views alone innu, dem say we a buy trending, and everybody know say trending cannot buy. Me not even a medz dem chatting innu because some people nuh wah see a next yute rise. From me get the buss wid Go Hard, every song me get after that trend, so dat just show me say a harder me fi go.”

Briefly addressing the diss track aimed at him recently, Intence said that he is not in the business of ‘bussing’ artistes.

“A buss me woulda buss him if me answer right now. Me deh up yah so, so why me would look pan a artiste weh deh dung deh so and a fight and well wah buss? Dat woulda come in like a joke thing,” he said.

Not keen on prolonging the negativity, the artiste says he’s looking forward to releasing even more music in the coming months.

“Critics motivate me and me have a bag a song fi drop. Me have a new song weh me drop about two days ago name Questions, and a whole heap more things to come, so just stay tuned to Intence,” he said.

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