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Dancehall artiste Iyara delivered a mature performance at the Florida Jerk Festival in Orlando, Florida, that showed dancehall fans why he is considered one of the rising forces in the dancehall game.

He hit the stage singing his most recent hit, Yaadman inna Farrin, which got an immediate forward from the crowd on hand. He deejayed ‘ The dog dem haffi eat and ah dem a lock the fort, no joke/Benz pon the road, sport mode, walk past, gal neck crick,Tom Ford/where we de?’

Then the crowd responded enthusiastically in one clear voice ‘ Yaadman up inna farrin!

Iyara completed his spicy set with songs such as Pressure Cooker, Big Belly Mattic, Nah Dweet and his latest release, Live Cash, which was released by the label, Bellevue Entertainment.

“The artiste is officially booked for the Jerk Fest 2022 in West Palm Beach based on how well he did at Florida Jerk Fest last month,” said Steve Negril, CEO of Negril Jamaican Restaurant, one of the sponsors of the event.

The Florida Jerk Festival is an event where Florida’s top Caribbean restaurants and chefs offer a variety of culinary delights through cooking competitions and its ‘jerk experience’. The events culminate with guest performers that cater to the diverse audience that attend the events each year.

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