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Jesse Royal is a reggae music ambassador with a heart for children and their education.

Since the launch of The Palace Pickney Foundation by the internationally acclaimed artiste in 2019, various projects have taken shape but he would love to engage more youth and people who want to help. However, it is not easy getting some plans off the ground.

“Moving into the future, as the place opens up more, one thing I have been examining is how to make it easier for people to help,” Jesse Royal told THE STAR. “Some people want to help or make donations and see the importance of developing communities, but we always meet roadblocks. I am trying to find a way of connecting the dots so that what we do can benefit society as a whole.”

Earlier this month, the artiste, through a partnership with Digicel Foundation and millennial activist/motivational speaker/entrepreneur Chakabars Clarke, among other players, funded the renovation of a reading room at the Haile Selassie High School.

“All it takes is a bit of love, guidance, and some understanding that ah nuh everybody fridge full. What we see happening is very backward thinking … but true me is not a politician and me nuh know how fi politic, as the man that run di thing, I’m still figuring this out,” he said. At the community level, the artiste continues to engage the youth through activities like reading sessions whether in the streets or schools.

“It translates into why I have the Palace Pickney Foundation and why I’m not trying to feed people with just physical food but mental enlightenment and spiritual reckoning; making youths see themselves as well as see di people dem rate in a different light too,” he said. “Me carry some man weh some youths have as ‘gods’ fi siddung and read books to dem fi show dem seh all who unuh have as ‘di man’, see him there. Sometimes people only see us [artistes] on a TV screen or a stage but don’t know the reality of what makes us who we are. The quicker we can connect their reality to our identity, is the quicker we can change things for the better at the societal level.”

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