JLP Pedro Plains in Turmoil #BOJTV #PoliticsWatch

Pedro Plains in Turmoil
#BOJTV #PoliticsWatch

Labourites in the Pedro Plains Division of the Floyd Green led constituency of South West St Elizabeth have been fuming since last Thursday November 18, 2021.

Several supporters of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) from the division have been calling our news room daily reporting what they say have been gross irregularities and blatant vote buying in the recently held selection conference in the division. Last week Thursday November 18, 2021 Karl Whyte defeated the popular Kaydean Senior. Whyte received 37 votes and Senior received 33 votes.

A livid supporter of the JLP called our news room on Saturday November 20, 2021 – “I am a supporter of the JLP from the Pedro Plains division but I won’t say my name but I want you to follow the leads I am going to give to your news room. Are you aware that Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw has fired the entire Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) board? Well read between the lines I am saying to you go ask if that decision was influenced by the recent allegations of vote buying in the recent elections. Go do your checks and find out if black drums or any fertilizer was given to any delegate from any agency to influence votes. Just go ask some simple questions. I am going to text you names and telephone numbers of some labourites who have information that they want to give to your news room” the caller spilled. Our reporter has indicated that seconds after hanging up from the caller he received the text message as promised containing three names with contact numbers.

Several voice notes from angry labourites have been making the rounds on social media indicating their disgust with the election process recently conducted to replace sitting councillor and former mayor Jeremy Palmer. In one of the voice notes a JLP supporter went as far as threatening to support the PNP Candidate Gary “Guy Guy” Coke.

Mr. Jeremy Palmer earlier this year announced his intention to demit political office. Since his announcement Karl Whyte and Kaydean Senior have been campaigning to be the JLP candidate in the division when the local government elections are called.

Sources have informed our news room that Mr Palmer was in support of one candidate and the Member of Parliament Mr. Green in support of the other candidate. This split we understand has caused a serious rift in the JLP local camp. The main caller who contacted our news room indicated that Labourites are upset with Mr. Green because he promised to stay neutral during the contest but allegedly supported Karl Whyte quietly.

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