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Julian Marley admits that on his latest single, So High, he steps out of his usual element to bring a romantic, acoustic ballad that people have been welcoming.

In an interview with THE STAR, the son of the late reggae legend Bob Marley admits that at first listen, the track seems to be talking about the heightened feeling he gets from smoking marijuana, but says although that interpretation is valid, he was really talking about the high one gets by being in a good, healthy relationship.

“Naturally, when people hear the track, especially coming from a Rastaman like me, they’re going to think I’m talking about the good ol’ sensimilla, and nothing is wrong with that interpretation because when you listen to it, it’s about whatever makes you high. But for me, I was talking about a lady and that feeling you get when love is in play,” Julian Marley said.

The Grammy-nominated reggae singer said that from the moment he heard the rhythm, he knew he had to switch things up and give fans a dose of a different energy.

All about inspiration

“Music is all about inspiration and from yuh hear the first notes of a riddim, it speaks to you and you know exactly where to go with the song. It’s like it tells you what to sing about,” he explained. “The guitar on that riddim was mesmerising and the natural vibration I got from it was a spirit lifting one. That’s why the song is called So High, but as I said, it’s not the high many people would think I am talking about. Still, when yuh check it out, although I am talking about a woman, it’s an all inclusive song, so people can interpret it how they want, based on what gives them that high feeling.”

Speaking of leaving the interpretation up to the listeners, Julian Marley said that so far, the response he has been getting on the track has been great.

“It’s a good energy song and people love it. So far I am getting a lot of good responses. I hear it playing couple places well and me love that because it’s not the usual kind of song that you will hear from me. It’s an acoustic, romantic kinda vibe and mi nuh do that much but it seems people love me showing a bit more soul. Give thanks to my bredren, Richard Roache, who produced that track,” he said.

So High was released early last month and is the leading single from Contractor Music’s upcoming album. The compilation series which is still untitled, is expected to boast tracks from Anthony B, Shatta Wale, Wayne Wonder, Gentleman, Morgan Heritage and Jethro Sheeran. Julian Marley says he is honoured to have the leading track on the upcoming project.

“The relationship between Contractor and I goes beyond the music. We a bredren differently. Music bring everything together and we are a real family when yuh check behind the scenes. all a we work together, link up and create the nice vibes weh everybody love. My last album was assisted by Contractor music and so I always try to give back the same support I get,” he said.

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