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The release of the collaboration titled ‘ Force’ by Vybz Kartel and Sikka Rymes, is the brainchild of ZJ Dymond of Full Chaarge Records and Kartel himself.

Since its release on February 12, the single and video have been gaining local and international attention – USA and Chile in particular. Deejays such as Bobby Konder and DJ Jabba from Hot97 have acknowledged the collaboration and praised Kartel for boosting women’s confidence.

Producer ZJ Dymond, who has worked with Kartel on numerous occasions, is excited about this project.

Force is a force in itself. Kartel is the king of girl songs so this one is for the ladies. Both artistes wanted to encourage women to be confident in themselves no matter what society deemed to be imperfect,” he said. He also noted that Kartel’s decision to work with Sikka Rymes on this project was a no-brainer as the artiste frequently breaks new talent.

“Kartel not only embraces new acts, but he helps them to gain attention overseas. In this case, the song Force is receiving exceptional feedback locally from top Jamaican deejays and internationally,” said ZJ Dymond.

Force has also awakened fans of both artistes in Chile and Russia where ZJ Dymond has received shout-outs, videos, and fan mail regarding the single.

“It’s always a great feeling to have those inside and outside of your country acknowledge you. It makes you realise just how much the music has a worldwide influence and that shows success,” he said.

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