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Kashief Lindo, who took on the system with hard-hitting songs in 2020, maintains that trend with another jab at racism in the United States of America on his latest song, I Can’t See Your Face.

Like its predecessors, Till Dem Bun Down Di House and Human Life, the single is produced by his father Willie Lindo, head of Heavybeat Records in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Willie is also the writer.

Known for producing hit songs by Beres Hammond ( What One Dance Can Do), Dennis Brown ( Inseparable) and Boris Gardiner ( I Wanna Wake up With You), Willie stressed the importance of hitting racism head-on with music.

“It have a way to reach people, jus’ like in the di days of apartheid. Jamaica start lick out against apartheid on a wider scale an’ di world follow,” he said. “Jus’ look at di amount of songs against apartheid dat came out of Jamaica.”

I Can’t See Your Face references the 2020 death of 46-year-old black man George Floyd who suffocated after a police officer kneeled on his neck for nine minutes, 26 seconds in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Willie believes the American system is stacked against minorities.

“It get more blatant. Politicians are on TV expressing dem racism; dem used to hide it but not again,” he said. Kashief and Willie Lindo played all instruments on I Can’t See Your Face.

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