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It has been years since Keiva ‘Di Diva’ hung up her dancing shoes to raise her daughter and the dancer-turned-entrepreneur has not looked back.

“Nobody likes to dance like me … When I had her, I was in my prime and my mom took her and I was still free but my heart couldn’t accept that I’m not growing her. I wanted to grow her myself so I sacrificed partying and everything I loved dearly,” Keiva told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Now Keiva is hoping to further her daughter Destiny Chung’s gymnastic dreams. Destiny, 11, competed at the Central American Championships in El Salvador last week as part of the Jamaica gymnastics team, where she impressed in the vault event.

“When you go to El Salvador, it’s like the first stage of the Olympics and the kids over there are tapping 12.5 and 13 and her highest score was 11.8 so she’s not really far from them,” Keiva told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Destiny chimed in, “The experience was nice and I learnt that the girls are ahead and we’re a little bit behind but it was a good experience. I wasn’t nervous, I was excited and it taught me that I need to put more dedication into my work and focus more. We’re going back to the drawing board to work harder so I can go up to a harder level.” Keiva is hoping to secure sponsors for her daughter.

“When they’re going with Jamaica Gymnastics, I must say they do sponsor them cause they pay for their leotard, sweat suits, hotel, food and everything. The only thing I have to find is the airfare but either way the two-person airfare is not cheap,” she said. Keiva said that she spent close to US$2,000 for the round trip to El Salvador, highlighting that while the association states that parents don’t have to travel with their children, she does not want to take such a risk.

“I’m not a rich mom but I do have friends and family members who are always here to support,” she said. “Gymnastics is not an easy sport …. It’s not a joke sport either and if your child doesn’t want to do it, don’t force them. My daughter loves it and I know anybody who invests in my child is not going to lose, even if it’s a brand ambassador.”

Destiny was drawn to the sport after watching a YouTube video. Her favourite event is the uneven bars and she intends to win multiple Olympic medals. Keiva is committed to helping her achieve her dream.

“As a mom I’m not going to sit down and watch her not get her dream. As long as it is the right way in the sight of the Almighty God, I am willing to sacrifice a million more stuff,” she said.

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