Kelley Flanagan Responds to Peter Weber Calling Interview “Calculated”

In fact, she said she actually applauded Peter, who has said Kelley was the best relationship he’s ever had and that he wished her well, for also saying “extremely kind” things about their time together.

“I just think I would have respected him more if he didn’t accuse me of trying to hit headlines that has to deal with him,” she continued. “Again, he had nothing behind that to say that. That’s just his opinion, I guess, which is very sad. Because if I listened to that podcast and heard all the great things he said about me I’d be like, ‘Wow, he’s being really mature in this situation and I really respect him.’ But it saddens me to know that that’s not how he could act even after how things ended….[It] makes me sad that it’s the scenario. But it also gives me reassurance that this is how I need to draw a healthy boundary because I don’t want to be associated with that.”

All in all, she’s hoping “all of this can just be done.”

“I’m never going to let anyone speak a narrative for me and kind of, like, put out their storyline and just have me play along with it,” she said. “I think some of my answers were not liked because it didn’t play along with the storyline that was being portrayed. But it’s my life too, and I think that I’m never going to let anyone create my narrative.”

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