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Up-and-coming artiste Khalia is hoping to motivate people to recognise and embrace real love with her latest single, Love Is Real.

According to the artiste, the track’s message is especially necessary in these times as people all over the world grapple with tremendous loss brought on by COVID-19 and racially charged police killings.

“I was feeling the track at a time like this. When Tony Kelly was producing it, the vibe brought me into that direction. I want people to listen to it and know that they are to express themselves and let their loved ones know how they feel,” she said. “In this generation, falling in love is a taboo. But why should we punish ourselves by locking our feelings away? I am being open and wearing my heart on my sleeve in this song and everything was written from experience. So I hope others are inspired by it and release their feelings of love, too.”

“We have all been through some rough times this year so I think a song to help forget about that for four minutes is helpful. Some people turn to alcohol or drugs to cope, or fall into depression. But music is a solution with only positive side effects,” she continued.

The song and music video were released last Friday and the video has more than 50,000 views on YouTube. There have been several messages applauding the singer for the timely reminder that in the midst of adversity, love exists and will always prevail.

Khalia told THE STAR that she is overwhelmed that people are enjoying the song.

“When I put out this track, I only hoped people would listen and enjoy the songs as much as I do. Truth is, as an artiste that’s all you can ask for and so I’m happy they love it,” she said. “People have been saying they’re listening with their boyfriend or girlfriend and saying it should be a wedding song. They are fascinated by the video, too, and so I’m extremely happy.”

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