Lady Saw leaves the Church | Heading back take the Queen of Dancehall from SPICE ???


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  1. Lady saw will always be the original queen of dancehall and the icon and spice is now the new queen of dancehall,but i dont think if lady saw come back den she wont be as huge as she use to be a decade ago,just like beenie man,beenie man was a huge artist and he still in the game but he not as huge as he use to be cuz kartel has now taken ova so spice is taking ova now so i dont think she'll be as big as she us to be

  2. I know that lady saw get jealous of the way spice and the other if lady saw was really a Christian so she rather to serve the devil than serve her God jealous, if she did call really by God she wouldn’t be focusing on what the other artist was doing she would just be preaching to the world about God

  3. She’s jealous of the attention spice and the other getting when you call by God you’re in the world but you are not of the world, a lot of time when we are Christian and walk away some times it doesn’t work out good

  4. I wish you all the best in ur endeavours Minister Marion Hall aka Lady Saw.. But dancehall is a big enough cake for everyone to eat comfortably, so you didn't have to start any drama or the one bag of shenanigans. Your fans been begging for your return for a long time.. and the rest of us simply don't care… smh (Money is definitely the root of all evil).


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