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Gospel singer LeoNell Tape is certainly no rookie when it comes to ministry and ministering, and he is now at a place in his journey where his music speaks with as much volume and impact as his formal sermons.

A full-time minister who serves his flock at The Transformation Center in Tampa, Florida, Teape has a big title, Excellency Chaplain LeoNell A. Teape, CDKA. But substance, rather than titles, is his focus, as he promotes his music to heal souls.

“My music is a mixture of reggae gospel and contemporary gospel. I remember having to listen to certain gospel music in secret, as the older generation was not yet acclimated to the evolution of the Christian culture,” Teape recalled.

He began an active involvement in the music department at his home church, Holiness Born Again Church in Heartease, Manchester, and was appointed director at the age of 18.

In subsequent years, he has led, trained, served and improved many choirs and groups. In his early 20s, he founded the performing group Vision, which ministered to the hearts of young people across the island. The group lasted six years, during which time he moved to Westmoreland and continued to develop himself in the Lord, serving as praise and worship leader, choir director and musician.

The ordained minister in theology confessed that although listening to reggae music was considered ‘ungodly’ when he was growing up, it was this exposure to gospel reggae that excited his walk with Christ. “With the understanding that young people are attracted to diversity in music, I am focused on the Kingdom agenda of reaching these souls through this type of music,” he explained.

captivating the youth

Teape is now in full promotion mode for three songs, and even the way in which one of the titles is spelt shows his mission to captivate the youth. The songs are It is Well, All a We and the uptempo Fight 4 U, clothed in language targeting the youth.

“I have been doing interviews, virtual concerts and keeping a strong presence despite the pandemic,” Teape told THE WEEKEND STAR.

During his career, he has shared the stage with renowned artistes like DJ Nicholas, Papa San, Prodigal Son, Kevin Downswell, Rondell Positive, Jermaine Edwards and Rhoda Isabella. His signature sound and unique style of music is a result of abstract fusion from multiple genres.

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