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Taking on the moniker Barz Gad, social media sensation Lincoln 3dot is looking to make a full transition into music, as he drops his first single for 2021 titled Vibe.

He said the song is for the women, and will have an R&B and dancehall sound.

“It’s produced by the big bad producer Izy Beats (who produced Koffee’s Toast), and it’s just a really good single,” he said, noting that he has been working with Izy Beats for some time.

“We do music together effortlessly. Most of my previous songs were produced by him, and all of them were special. But this one, I think there’s something extra about it,” he said.


Lincoln 3dot said he is looking to expand his career as an artiste, targeting his core fan base in Jamaica, before branching out into the international circuit.

“I think this song can do that. I feel like I need to feed my roots and make that propel me, and mi feel like with Jamaica on my radar, I can get anywhere. And me being based overseas may present a challenge, but mi nuh think it hard. I just have to follow the steps and take risks I have never taken before,” he said.

Well aware that his artiste journey might be overshadowed by his social media antics, Lincoln 3dot explained that he has been taking steps to move away from that life of drama.

“With where I’m headed, I try to be more mindful of what I want as an artiste. Mi realise say if I want people to take me seriously, I have to dial it back a bit. When mi look pan nuff a di artiste dem today, dem a artiste, but dem hardly give the people that. Dem life full a controversy more than the music. I don’t want to be that, and so I just have to be mindful of what I put out there so that my artiste persona can take the spotlight,” he said. Pointing out that songs for the women are his niche, he said he won’t be deviating from that too much.

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