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In the middle of the summer, dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper exposed a new, thicker body, joining a list of popular acts who chose to do cosmetic surgery.

She made it clear to THE STAR that her decision was not done on impulse of seeing the growth in a trend.

“In society a lot of pressure is placed on women, especially those under public scrutiny like myself, an artiste celeb, because of a double standard. However, I live for me and not society, so they cannot have any effect on my decision,” she said.

“My sculpture matches my personality more now because it’s not an image I’m seeking, it’s not an idea. Beauty isn’t something I talk about. My goal is to re-live a past emotion and my art is an expression of that.”

The artiste says she does not have any intentions to entertain critics, “because they will always criticise regardless, so I wouldn’t waste my time to address them, especially those who have a problem with persons who do body enhancement”.

The Must Get Mine artiste, whose given name is Felecia Gooden, did liposculpture and a Brazilian butt lift. She says the reactions from the opposite sex are no different from what she has experienced before her surgical enhancements. “Men are always head over heels for me. What I can say is that they are going crazier for me,” she said.

Before the surgery, Lisa Hyper says exercising and dieting were not helping her to achieve the look she wanted. She says her team recognised a window of opportunity that matched with their next phase of marketing. As it turned out, a consultation with medical professionals revealed she also had a hernia.

Lisa Hyper’s new image, tied to her latest single Sculpture, which is produced by Mineral Boss Records, is a major step in a new direction and although the official audio and video showing a bold side of her have been released, she is still in recovery mode.

“The healing and recovery process, at the beginning, was a bit painful and uncomfortable for me. I still have one month before my body is fully healed,” she said.

She further explains that she neither encourages nor discourages anyone to undergo surgery.

“As a musician who’s always had a strong following and been a role model, my advice to those who are struggling with self-esteem issues or are body conscious is that it is something one has to deal with mentally before they make changes physically,” she said. “That’s loving yourself regardless of how you feel or think of your appearance because you can go under the knife and still end up having the same emotions. The choice is up to the individual, not another person.”

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