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Gospel artiste Nichton Daley, who goes by the moniker Little Lamb or simply Lamb, may not be known as an award-winning minister of music, but he is delivering a message that he hopes will open eyes and hearts worldwide.

“Count your blessings instead of sheep. A commonly heard saying … it means so much for me, an artiste who represents humility,” said Daley. “I have travelled a long journey to be where I am. Baptised years ago, I lost my way, but thankfully, I found the place where I belong and I am taking it seriously.”

When he travelled to Kingston from Hanover in 2007, Daley was in search of a purpose. Two years later he was standing in the middle of the crowd at the National Stadium on New Year’s Day taking in artistes like Prodigal Son and Goddy Goddy on the Genesis stage, what he recalls was “a transformational experience”.

He said, “It was at that concert that I developed a love for gospel music and I had the opportunity to meet the team members of Jamaica Youth For Christ. I attended several other Genesis Gospel concerts after that,” he said. However, he said that his love for music overall was engrained from his childhood, coming from a family who was always around sound systems.

“Music is only one side to me, I used to do drama and perform in plays,” Daley shared. “Now, through my music, I am able to fuse the two. Originally, people would hear me do more of the rough-deejaying style but I have since done more one-drop reggae, and added to it, love, laughter and drama to show the creative writer in me.”

Because the platforms to showcase his talent were few and far between, Daley invested in an independent production in 2010 called Give Praise. He also operates the Humble Cut Barber Salon.

“I had the chance the be on Genesis. I also performed at GT Extravaganza and other stage shows but saw myself doing more for the gospel community here. I am passionate about both my professions. Being a certified barber with my business, I am able to manage my time … most of my spare time in the shop is used to write music,” he said.

The most recent staging of Give Praise, dubbed the ‘Reggae Month Edition’, served as a launch pad for emerging gospel acts. Most persons who tuned in via YouTube and Facebook did so from the US and UK, Germany, Canada and Gambia. Along with his performance, viewers were also treated to performances from artistes like Perez Judah, Rodcliffe John and Sasha-Gay Morgan.

“Persons have requested that we stage another in July. Even though it’s usually an annual showcase, we may consider doing it. I have no limit because I want to go as far as I can and as my mentor Lt Stitchie has told me, it is never about what we doing now but what we are going to do to move forward. I remain humble as there is hope to make a change in gospel, in the community and in the world because I’m seeing where people are catching on to my music,” he said.

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