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If Kim Possible were a real-life person, would she have to wear clothes exclusively from Banana Republic Club Banana? After behind-the-scenes photos from the live-action Powerpuff Girls reboot set surfaced on April 7, fans of the original Cartoon Network show proved that, when it comes to the translation of cartoon outfits to IRL costumes, sometimes it’s OK to deviate from the original design. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup traditionally dress in monochromatic matching A-line dresses with black belts, white socks, and sleek black Mary Janes. The live-action reboot costumes are nothing short of accurate, but fans had a Mojo Jojo-level problem with the simplicity of the designs.

“If this is what the Powerpuff Girls look like, god knows what the Professor and Mojo Jojo will be like.”

Like the square, uncomplicated structure of the animated outfits, the IRL costumes leave a lot of detail to be desired. After all, if the point is to showcase the modern-day Powerpuff Girls living life in their 20s, shouldn’t their outfits reflect our favorite 2021 fashion trends a little more? Two-piece skirt-top combos, high-low dresses, flowy jumpsuits, overalls, tapered pants, flared jeans and colorblocked cardigans — the possibilities are endless! There’s no question in our minds that Blossom would look stunning in the viral strawberry dress. Plus, we’d love to see Bubbles in a robin-blue jumpsuit with some velvet scrunchies to hold up her pigtails (and a matching manicure). And why isn’t Buttercup repping her true rebel self in an oversized green shirt dress with combat boots? We’d even welcome some throwback ’90s outfits as a tribute to the original show — matching velour tracksuits, anyone? Stylistically, it just makes sense to see the girls-turned-young-adults play around with their fashion sense.

Of course, this is only the pilot, so it’s possible that the wardrobe designers and stylists have more costume ideas up their sleeves, but Twitter users were quick to share their opinions online as soon as behind-the-scenes photos surfaced. “WHY DO THE WARDROBE DEPARTMENTS FOR LIVE ACTIONS KEEP FAILING ME Loudly. first winx club now powerpuff girls [sic],” one Twitter user wrote in a tweet that has since been liked almost 9,000 times. “The powerpuff girls series kinda looks low budget [sic],” another user wrote alongside a crying emoji in a tweet that was liked 3,000 times. “If this is what the Powerpuff Girls look like, god knows what the Professor and Mojo Jojo will be like,” another Twitter user said.

The sea of negative comments was equally flooded with examples of Halloween costumes and generally cute outfits that would be fitting for the modern Powerpuff Girls to rock on screen. If the Chemical X-infused superheroes can fight crime in tights and Mary Janes, we have a feeling they can fight crime in just about anything. So take a look at a few shoppable pieces we think the Powerpuff Girls should own ahead, and check out a few other onscreen style moments we’re currently obsessing over.

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