Loni Love Was Busted By Tyler Perry For Breaking This House Rule

Celebrities, they’re just like us! Nightly Pop guest host Loni Love gets star struck just like everyone else—even if it’s against the rules. 

In a hilarious new clip from tonight, Apr. 15’s Nightly Pop episode, Love reveals that she once broke a megastar’s house rule. “Have you guys ever done this in somebody’s house when you were nosy and got caught?” co-host Nina Parker asks Love and Kym Whitley in this exclusive sneak peek. “Keep it real.” 

“I went to Tyler Perry‘s house. He told me don’t take pictures but I was so excited!” the comedian admits. Can you blame her?!

“I was there with you, remember that? I remember you doing that,” Whitley laughs. “She didn’t care! She was like, click, click. Send me some of the pictures!”

“I was like, looking all around,” Love laughs. “I said, ‘Tyler isn’t anywhere around, I’m going to sneak this little picture.’ Childish Gambino was performing so I was like, ‘I just want like one memory.'” But she soon felt a hand on her shoulder, and Perry batted her phone away before she could snap a photo of Perry’s massive estate.

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