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Up-and-coming artiste Marcy Chin held nothing back as she spewed lyrical venom at rapists, paedophiles and predators in a video on social media on Tuesday.

The entertainer told THE WEEKEND STAR that in getting her thoughts together for the freestyle, she wanted to make sure listeners felt her every emotion. She said over the years the constant rape and murder of women and children left her sad but last weekend’s murder of 20-year-old Khanice Jackson had her feeling exhausted and angry.

“Normally, when these things happen, I don’t sing about it, but it was like something broke inside me when I heard this news. I lost it,” she said.

Chin said she could not fathom how almost every community in Jamaica has a ‘don’ and its own informal justice system, yet when women and children are abducted, raped and murdered, the perpetrators rarely meet their demise. “What’s the point of badness if yuh can’t protect the most vulnerable in the place yuh supposedly ‘govern’? Why unu a call unu self ‘dons’ and ‘gads’ if people still a do these things under unu nose and nothing nah happen,” she questioned. Chin also stated that for Jamaica to find a solution to its worsening rape culture, mothers have to raise their sons properly.

“We have to get to the root of this because it just keeps happening. When you talk to men in general, a lot of them do not understand what boundaries are and what consent is. When a man forces himself on a woman, a lot of the times he doesn’t feel like that is violating her. Him just feel like she’s playing hard to get, and him must keep trying. It is a mother’s job to teach her son that ‘Hey, when a woman says no even if you think she’s playing hard to get, respect that decision’,” she said. “As women, we know what it is like to be violated. We go through it every day. It may not have got physical, but something as simple as being disrespected by a man when he calls to you on the road and yuh nuh feel like answer is crossing the line. Who better to explain these things to young boys than their mothers?” Chin said that she has been getting so much love and support that she is thinking of laying the track down in the studio.


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