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Incidents of rape and abuse have dominated the news media in recent times, and singer Marcy Chin has come out in support of victims on her latest single, Cancel Rape Culture Now.

“This project came together after Marcy decided to be a voice for the victims of abuse. She wanted to convey her message in the most commercial fashion. So she took the route of a remix of the Maroon 5 hit song Memories,” explained Josef Bogdanovich of DownSound Records (DSR), producer of the song. “This song is not for sale. It’s really a public announcement to sensitise the public about the issue of abuse.”

There has been outrage across the nation recently when two children were abducted in Bath, St Thomas. There has also been reports of women and boys being abducted and/or sexually abused.

“So far, the reception to Cancel Rape Culture Now, as predicted, has been very positive because this is a very serious and reoccurring issue that affects a huge percentage of females, males and young children. So, it definitely resonates with society on a whole. DSR is a socially conscious music company,” Bogdanovich added.

“I wanted to add my voice in the call against abuse against women, men and children. We all have to come together to highlight these issues,” said Marcy Chin.

This isn’t the first time that the artiste has spoken out against abuse. Earlier this year, she took a stance against sexual predators when she did a freestyle which went viral on social media. She later recorded the song titled Warning.

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