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Recording artiste Mardix Cn holds nothing back in his latest release, a single titled Reality Check.

Officially released on October 26, the track was produced by Nickamar Musiq.

“The song highlights current situations among individuals who seem to form a bond over a period of time. While each person gains success, there seems to be division, strife and hate developed against each other. It further points out that if you have this mindset, it’s best not to communicate with me or check on my well-being,” the artiste explained.

The accompanying music video, which was directed by Saii Media, was shot in Trelawny and Manchester.

“The feedback for the track is much appreciated so far and the song is touching those who have recently discovered it. Overall, my music is always something new and fresh to the ears and diverse in sound and word play. People always gravitate to a new track whenever it drops,” the artiste stated. He said that each verse of Reality Check contains key points addressing certain issues affecting today’s society and how we get along as individuals and social groups.

“My hope for this song is that it will spread to as many people as possible in the diaspora,” the artiste said.

In the game professionally for the past seven years, Mardix Cn has showcased his talents through a growing catalogue of songs which includes Sincerely, Young Millionaire and Money Mogul.

“I’m just an artiste who is diverse in my personality, very interesting character to watch. So the fans will always be getting something different from the usual with lots of surprises going forward,” the artiste elaborated, also hinting at new projects, including a new EP.

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