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Reggae singer Marlon Chill is back with a new single for the ladies called Love Me, produced by RoyalSingh Entertainment.

“I would describe this song as warm and easy, loving and kind. It’s all about expressing my love to the one I love. No matter how far away she may be, it’s always important to make sure she knows how much you love her,” the singer explained. Fusing reggae with a bit of R&B to make the single, the singer has high expectations for this track.

“The response to my previous releases has been good so far, people really enjoy the music I have been putting out, so I’m expecting this new track to get even more attention,” he said. An accompanying music video is expected to be released soon.

Active on the music scene since 1997, Marlon Chill has been combining smooth vocals with intense lyrics to create his unique sound, penning his own personal lyrics related to his experiences and the happenings in society around him.

“What makes my songs different is my writing skills and how I bring my words across,” he said. Some of his previous releases include Good Man and Hot Gal.

Marlon Chill is currently working on his EP, and while an official release date is to be decided, the project has been in the works since last year.

“I just want my fans to enjoy the songs I have out now and to be on the lookout for more good, fun music. We’re putting a lot of work into this new EP, so you won’t be disappointed,” he said.

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