Maroon Chief vs Digicel

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I ordered a research done on if there were any peer reviewed articles or reports on adverse effects from cell phone tower radiation.

My team has come back to me and I am very unhappy to say that there is a great corpus of literature surrounding the negative effects that cell phone tower radiation has not only on humans but bees, migratory birds and indigenous and endemic birds some of which are vital for seed dispersal of very delicate endemic plant species which call home the Cockpit Country. Bees are also vital pollinators which are essential to the food security of the island.

We do not know what effects this tower could have had from the year 2002-2021 and we have made great attempts to contact DIGICEL, so that we may sit down and have a frank discussion about the compensation that our people require for the presence of this cell phone tower upon their indigenous land. Respect goes both ways.

I am asking the Public to please assist myself and the Maroon Nation by contacting DIGICEL via social media and respectfully inform them @chiefrichardcurrie has been trying to contact them regarding a potential hazard to our community and our children. @digiceljamaica, @digicelfdnja, @digicelceojm kindly do the right thing. We are stronger and better when we work together. I await your call.

👀 Check out My Story for a peer reviewed article and report on adverse effects from cell phone tower radiation.

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  1. All beside people houses they put them… Take them to court! No regards for people life and health. Yes we all are for growth, but at what expense? I see that a lot in Jamaica and it makes me wonder why the people allow Digicel to get away with it.


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