Marvel Boss Weighs In on WandaVision Season 2

For the most part, Feige explained, Marvel is developing its TV shows like it does its movies. 

“In other words, when we start with a movie, we hope there’s a part two, we hope there’s a part three, but we aren’t factoring that into part one,” he said. “We are trying to make something that hooks people enough and that people enjoy and want to revisit enough that they want to see the story continue, so that is the way we’re proceeding on television as well.”

This is a new direction for the brand, so this is just the beginning. 

“That’s part of the fun, exciting, adrenaline-boosting creativity that we’re able to do thanks to Disney+, and really figure out new ways of storytelling and new ways of telling our stories,” he said. “Perhaps someday we’ll chart out five seasons of a show, but really we’re focusing on delivering the best seasons we can one at a time so far.” 

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