Maxbone Global Citizen Pet Carrier Bag Review

Before coronavirus turned the world upside down, I had planned a two-month stay in Rome to refresh my Italian and was, of course, intending to bring my dog. But, there was only one problem (other than the aforementioned pandemic): while I enjoyed a recurring daydream about strolling down Via del Corso with gelato in one hand and Beau’s leash in the other, I was practically kept up at night thinking about the prospective flight over. You see, put my sweet angel in an enclosed carrier . . . and all bets are off.

On our last two trips, after his initial whimpers were ignored, he escalated right to something akin to a screaming human child. I thought since that bag had flaps to block the light, it would be cozy and dark like his favorite hiding spot under the couch. I was wrong.

I honestly expected to need prescription medication for both of us on our next vacation. But, since we didn’t need to test that theory out at all in 2020, when I finally headed to see my parents after a year and a half, I tried out Maxbone’s Global Citizen Pet Carrier Bag as his third strike. Amazingly, my Boston Terrier happily rested inside with minimal panting and whimpering and, unsurprisingly, the beautiful bag got me a bunch of compliments, too. We’re sold, but read on to see exactly why I’d consider this an essential investment piece for anyone who plans to travel with a small pet.

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