Men without women

Absence from those we love

Is self from self,

A deadly banishment.


IT is said that after God created man, He saw that he was lonely, so He created woman to be his companion. It’s also been said that God has a great sense of humour. Anyway, to create woman He took out one of Adam’s ribs and used it to make what is now known as woman. So goes the story from the Bible.

Since that great sacrifice of giving up a rib, men have made no bones about how women are, always sticking it to them and ‘jooking’ them in their sides at every occasion. Was that the birth of nagging? I’m not here to debate that but what I will say is that woman is God’s greatest gift to man.

The female form can be absolutely beautiful, and if you can ignore the other trappings that come with it, most men would be happy with what they got. But all that glitters is not gold, and even the most beautiful roses have thorns and those thorns do prick, yes, prick. It’s like eating a lobster or crab – you have to fight your way through the tough, sharp shell but when you get to the meat of it, lord ! It sweet.

As a result, there are men who would rather not put out the effort but prefer to do without women – some by choice, others by design or misfortune – while some just can’t seem to get any, no matter how hard they try.

They are the lost souls, men without women. We’ll see who they are right after these responses to ‘Types of sex’.

Hi Tony,

I might be the exception but while my wife uses the word sex as having sex, I consider it lovemaking, flipping the script, so to speak. There is also a type of sex which I enjoy called ‘make up sex’. This type of sex is performed right after a fight or argument and is a part of the making up process. This type is usually more passionate and exhilarating, and yes, I am always horny.


Hey Teerob,

Apart from the different types of sex that you listed, you omitted a very important one routine sex. Yes, that is what I have been experiencing for the past 20 years of marriage. Mercifully, it’s not very frequent but you can be sure that it follows a pattern — once, maybe twice per month if she’s having a good day. Only on the weekends do I make my overture to see if she’s receptive, then she just lays there and waits until I finish, rolls over and goes to sleep. The best antidote for sex is marriage.


It’s every man’s dream to have a woman by his side, in his life, in his bed. This is bolstered by the old sayings, ‘Man should not live alone,’ ‘Behind every successful man is a woman,’ and others. The truth is, men want women for different reasons, some for companionship, friendship, conversation, beauty, because they love to show off their arm candy, and, of course, for sex.

It’s every man’s desire to have a woman who possesses those attributes. If she doesn’t then he tries to find four or five different women who have at least one of those characteristics and then tries to juggle his time. But that can be risky and expensive.

Hey, don’t scoff, for in the same way some women have different men to fulfil certain roles — such as one for the rent, one for the grocery, one for the car, one for the school — men do the same thing. “One to chat and laugh with, one to mind the house, one to profile with, one to have sex with.” As the punters say, “Different horses for different courses.” If he’s lucky he can have sex with all of them.

In spite of all this though, there are men who have no women and have to live with this fact. The obvious ones are gay men, so that needn’t be discussed. Who I’m referring to are heterosexual men without women. They have all the tools, desire, inclination, but choose instead to suppress these and not to have female companionship.

For some it’s a lifestyle thrust upon them, like prisoners, priests, monks and others of that ilk who are either incarcerated and have no choice in the matter, or have taken obligatory vows of celibacy and are forced to exist without the pleasure of women. Still, they do manage to find ways to circumvent this, as some prisoners in foreign have the privilege of conjugal visits where the spouse can visit for sexual interaction.

Those who don’t have that privilege may resort to substitute women in the confines of their cells where they see Paul as Pauline.

For men of the cloth, they, too, find ways to appease their thirst in diverse ways that they will spend a long time atoning for. But I won’t go there.

Men outside of those parameters though, who choose of their own volition not to have women, are different. Maybe they were burnt in the past, had their heart broken, jilted in love, and now swear off women. “I would never trust another woman as long as I live.”

Then there are men who are simply afraid of women, and have been so from childhood. Not once in their life could they muster up the courage to approach a woman, so after a while they simply settled, resigned themselves to a life without female companionship.

In fact, there is a term for it: Gynophobia – an intense and irrational fear of women. This should not be confused with misogyny, which is the hatred of, contempt, or prejudice against women.

Many of these men are accomplished and very successful in their professions but never had a woman in their lives. And no, they aren’t gay either. Some may live alone or still live with their mothers.

“Imagine, the big 40-year-old man still living with his mother.”

“How come we never see him with a woman yet?”

“Him suffer from gynophobia.”

“Vaccine can’t help him?”

Some psychologists suggest that many of these men are like that because of the influence of their mothers. Maybe she was domineering, too smothering, spoiled them too much, or was physically abusive. For many of those reasons and beyond, the young man is so affected that he steers clear of any other women who may venture into his life.

“Look pon the tall, strapping handsome man. Never had a woman, what a shame.”

Some men may actually choose this lifestyle, saying it’s because they cannot deal with the crosses that come with the female package.

“I used to play the field but I got tired of all those needy women and their fun and games, so I gave it up. I’m at peace now.”

“When I look at my friends and their wives and see what they’re going through, I’d rather do without that.”

“Since my woman and I broke up, I feel so liberated.”

Such are the comments from men without women. But what about sex, or lack of it? “After a while it’s gone so long, I don’t even miss it.” For those who miss it though, there is always a substitute. Some guys may visit massage parlours and get a happy ending to satisfy their needs, but there are other ways, modern ways.

I recently saw a video that showed these absolutely gorgeous lifelike dolls, robots – androids you could call them – that are programmed to satisfy the needs of men. They are so futuristic, straight out of a sci-fi space-age movie where you have lifelike robots and androids intermingling with humans that are so well-made that you can’t tell the difference. Artificial Intelligence is real and it is here, as those dolls are the biggest rage among the affluent in foreign jurisdictions.

They speak, they smile, they respond to touch and verbal commands, and yes, they have sex with the owners. Maybe they are the answer to men without women, as they offer all of the pleasure but none of the pain. Those androids, avatars, or whatever name they go by, are unbelievably lifelike.

Until then, the majority of men will have to endure the pain just to get some pleasure; navigate the minefield to get to the meat; humour the harridan to get to the honey. For the men without women it’s a path they have chosen, but it’s not for everyone. It was Mark Twain who said, “What would men be without women? Scarce sir, mighty scarce.” For the majority, we know “That won’t happen, that will never happen, you will never see that happen.”

More time.


Footnote: This COVID crosses is rearing its ugly head more and more every day and many people are still not taking it seriously. The numbers are climbing and so are the ignorance and irresponsibility of some people. It’s estimated that 20 per cent of the population is infected. What will it take for people to accept that this thing is real and deadly? They still keep their underground parties, nine nights, mass funerals and grave digging with not a care in the world. Maybe if people were dropping down in the streets like in some countries that may get their attention.

On a different note, the fight against Kingston College (KC) continues. They can’t defeat the school so instead they ban them from the 2021 Schools’ Challenge Quiz competition. KC has been in 20 finals and won 11 titles, the most of any school. The resulting perennial badmind and envy are palpable and disgusting. The brave will never yield. Fortis forever, KC!

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