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Following up on the success of his most recent track, Humble Thyself, reggae artiste Mojo Herb has released his second album in three years, titled Another Level.

The entertainer said having matured mentally and spiritually over the past few years, he is on a higher vibration and wanted to share his reasoning with fans.

“The album is a spiritual love kind of vibration. It was inspired by me being in high spirits and wanting to build people’s energy,” he said. “I have gotten wiser, smarter, just elevated in all ways, and so I am just bringing that forward to the people.”

According to the artiste, the 11-track compilation, which was released at the start of the month, has been receiving rave reviews from listeners.

“Putting this album together, I wanted people to feel the spirituality. I knew what it could achieve because of the energy I put into it. I chose some great songs weh from the people hear dem, they have to feel it,” he said. “Music is just like cooking. Yuh can’t just say yah cook and it a go nice and people a go enjoy it. It’s the love and the energy weh yuh cook wid a go make people love it. People are drawn to the body of work, and dem tell mi say this is what they need. Dem say the tracks gi dem back a real spiritual vibration.”

Another Level features two collaborations, one with Natural Black and the other with Etana. With his current album generating some buzz, Mojo Herb says he’s already started working on his next.

“I love the idea of having bodies of works. I put out singles and promote dem too, but having a compilation weh people can listen and hear a full story from, is my thing,” he shared. “An album is like a package deal where you can make some statements, a reasoning with the people through the music.”

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