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Dancehall artiste Monie has dedicated his single Queen to the ladies.

Officially released on January 29, the track is a joint production between Solid Music Group and Rose Entertainment.

“The track speaks to the value women bring to a man’s life and describes the emotions that we as men feel when we think we have found the one, ‘the queen’. It is a single that anyone can dedicate to a female they appreciate or even want to empower or motivate,” the artiste explained. Since its release, the track has been a hit with the ladies.

“I’ve received positive feedback about the lyrics of the track as well as the vocal quality. I try not to set expectations for singles I release and instead focus on the reaction of my fans to understand how they feel about my music and continually improve the quality of my music and the works we put out,” he said. The track follows closely in the style of his October 2019 release, Elegance.

“I’ve realised that the majority of my fans are females. Elegance still resonates well with my female fans, so I wanted to continue to provide empowering music for the queens of the world,” the artiste added. The accompanying music video was released on the artiste’s YouTube page in February.

One of the founding members of Solid Music Group, Monie has been working with the label since 2018.

“The label was established by Oshane McLean (Mack 10) and Solar Dre in an effort to facilitate my career growth along with my labelmate Darka-1. Since 2018, Upright Rose Entertainment joined forces with Solid Music Group to chart a positive course for my career,” the artiste explained.

Some of his past singles include G40, Top Model, Christopher Coke and Cinema, with fellow artiste Ananymous Kid.

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